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Introduction to Dalian Overseas Huasheng Electronics Technology Co., Ltd

Dalian Overseas Huasheng Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Overseas Huasheng") was established in Dalian High-tech Zone in April 2016 with a registered capital of 63.89 million yuan and sales of high-tech enterprises. At present, overseas Huasheng has completed an actual investment of 100 million yuan and has built Dalian Head Office, Shanghai Subsidiary (Shanghai Zhengyin), Wuxi Subsidiary, Jiaxing Subsidiary (Zhejiang Napei), Zhaoqing Subsidiary and Dongguan Branch, with international leading Lean production line of electronic paste, 200 sets  of equipment and designed annual production capacity of 600 tons.

Overseas Huasheng has a strong technical research and development team, including 5 doctors and 15 masters, all of whom have worked in electronic paste and development institutions or production enterprises for many years and have rich experience. With years of continuous innovation and development, Overseas Huasheng has made great breakthroughs in the three key technical problems of electronic paste sintering shrinkage, oxidation resistance and metal powder dispersion, and has mastered the world's leading preparation of high-precision nano-scale metals (copper , nickel, silver, gold, palladium) electronic paste core technology, fills the domestic gap, realizes import substitution, and meets the urgent needs of localization of raw materials such as ceramic electronic components. At the same time, Overseas Huasheng, together with Fenghua Hi-Tech, a leading domestic MLCC enterprise, has become the setter of the "national standard" for base metal paste.

Through the continuous development of production, education and research, Huasheng Overseas has obtained a total of 61 intellectual property rights, including 9 authorized invention patents, 12 utility model patents, 22 software copyrights, and 3 registered trademarks. At the same time, Overseas Huasheng has also passed the ISO9001/ISO14001/RoHS/IATF16949 certification. Overseas Huasheng is also the first electronic paste enterprise in China to pass the IATF16949 certification of the automotive industry quality management system.

In recent years, the company has developed rapidly and won 30 honors of various kinds. In 2022, it was approved as "Liaoning Provincial Specialized, Special, New Little Giant" and "Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Department Unveiled and Commanded Project", and in 2021, it was approved as "One-stop Industry Demonstration of Key Products of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology". Enterprise", the "Hundred Cities and Hundred Parks" project of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Finance for the promotion and application of advanced technologies, "Liaoning Province Gazelle Enterprise", "Liaoning Province Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base", "Liaoning Province Haizhi Expert Workstation", "Liaoning Province Gazelle Enterprise" Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise", "Liaoning Province High-end Electronic Paste Substantive Industry-University-Research Alliance", "Liaoning Province Technology Innovation Key Project", "Guangdong Province New Electronic Components Innovation Center Member Unit", "Dalian Technology Innovation Center", "Dalian New R&D Institution", "Dalian Patent First Prize", "Dalian Federation of Industry and Commerce Enterprise Member Unit", and approved as "National High-tech Enterprise", "National High-end Foreign Expert Introduction Plan", "China High-tech Enterprise" in 2020 Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Demonstration Enterprise", "Liaoning Province Young Eagle Enterprise", "Liaoning Provincial Service-oriented Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise", "Liaoning Province New Materials Industry Alliance Executive Director Unit", "Dalian City Science and Technology Major Project", "Dalian City Science and Technology Major Project" Science and Technology Talent Entrepreneurship Support Program", in 2019, it was approved as "Dalian Expert Workstation", "Dalian Haiju Plan Intelligence Introducing Project", and in 2018, it was approved as "Excellent Enterprise Award in the New Materials Growth Group of the 7th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition", "Second Prize of the Advanced Manufacturing New Material Growth Group of the 4th Dalian Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition", "Dalian Key Science and Technology R&D Project", "Dalian Haiju Plan Intelligence Introducing Project", and was approved by Dalian High-tech Zone "Science and Technology Innovation" in 2017 Engineering Science and Technology Talent Entrepreneurship Project".

After long-term marketing and development, Overseas Huasheng has established supply relationships with more than 60 leading electronic components companies at home and abroad, and all have passed the verification and purchased in bulk, including many MLCC, LTCC, 5G ceramic filters and other ceramics Leading companies and listed companies in the electronic components industry. In recent years, the market of electronic components has developed vigorously, and the market of high-end raw materials has also emerged. As the most important conductive raw material for electronic components, electronic pastes will reach hundreds of billions in the future market.

Overseas Huasheng adheres to the lofty concept of "high-end paste, made by Chinese people", takes "self-discipline, ownership, innovation and development, teamwork" as its corporate culture, and is committed to becoming a world-class electronic paste production supplier and technical solution provider It provides customers with high-quality products and technical services, and contributes to the realization of the localization of high-end electronic pastes and the rise of national electronic technology.

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